Bubble Soccer 

Bounce Bubble Sports

Halifax,Dartmouth, and surrounding areas 

Bubble Soccer faQ's

Who can play?

We have kids and adult size inflatables, both with adjustable shoulder straps and handles. Kids bubbles ages 12-15 and teen/adult bubbles ages 16+. We have a total of 26 body bubbles, 12 kids size and 14 adult size. We do however recommend that your at least 4.8'' in height.  

Where can I play?

We have teamed up with the YMAC in Halifax, all of our events will be played there. We have a birthday party room available.

On what surface can these be used?

All of our games can be played inside

Only soccer?

No! You are not just limited to soccer. We offer plenty of other games and variations that will be sure to get your ball bouncing! Our league is mainly focused around soccer, however you can play others games depending on demand and your imagination!

Is there any danger involved?

Like any sport there is always a risk of danger and the possibility of injury. However, having an inflatable bubble around you can drastically lower that risk. We do have rules to help reduce or eliminate the possibility of injury. That being said, everyone who participates in Bounce Bubble Sport is permitted to sign our waiver prior to play. 

What should I bring?

You should bring everything you would normally bring when playing any indoor/outdoor sport. This means light clothing such as shorts,t-shirts and proper footwear. We also recommend a water bottle. 

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! We have liability insurance and are fully covered to operate bubble sports inside and outside.

Can we travel?

As of right now we only operate out of the YMCA in Halifax  


We are fully trained in first aid and CPR level (C).

What are the bubble suits made of? 

Both our child and adult size body bubbles are all made up of a TPU material ( thermoplastic polyurethane) providing a sent free, clear bubble and are very durable. Not all bubble suits are made up of TPU material. PVC ( polyvinyl chloride) is another material widely used however they tend to give off a bad smell, are not as clear and cost less.